During our first (but not last!) Ladies Night, we were fortunate enough to meet the beautiful and talented image consultant Margaret Gallant from Fresh Image 360.

And we were even more fortunate to be asked to participate in her recent What to Wear, Where for Spring 2012! session that was recently held.

We were asked to do hair and eyebrow waxing on two ladies, while Margaret consulted on their clothing style.

JC Styling at Fresh Image session

Both these ladies were over 30 and had busy lives. The lovely Blond Diva Miss Taylor Jenkins styled the ladies’ hair to suit their lifestyle and their age. Taylor also answered questions from the audience and allowed them to touch and smell the products she had used.

Miss Carri Bernard was in charge of eyebrow waxing and talked to the audience on new brow trends for 2012. (She says that “a little messy and thick as opposed to thin and perfect” is the way to go!).

JC Styling at Fresh Image session

We had a ball! I recommend going to any of Margaret’s shows, even if you think you have a handle on fashion. You never know what you may learn!