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I’m Julie, the owner of JC Styling, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned over the years about hair, beauty, and self-esteem. On this site, you’ll find tips on hairstyles and various beauty treatments. This isn’t a sales-pitchy space so don’t fret: I just want to talk to you about beauty. And talk I will—in fact, I’ll be posting video blogs on here to share what I know.

So sit back, relax, and be prepared to be pampered. Don’t we all deserve to be pampered?


curly locks

Not feeling satisfied with your limp or overly loose curls? If you long for perfectly curled tresses, we have some great advice for you.

Of course we would love if you came into the shop to let our curl queen Sam do your do for you, but if that’s not in the cards today, here are some fabulous tips.

9 Tips for Curling your Hair

1. Make sure your hair cut is well-suited for curls. If you have bluntly cut ends, you won’t have great results with curling. But if your hair is layered, that’s going to increase curl. Next time you’re getting a cut, tell your stylist that you want to wear your hair in curls more often.

2. Buy a good curling iron. The cheapie at the drugstore aren’t going to perform as well as a salon-quality model. Investing in a good curling iron will ensure nice even curls. We carry curling irons, but call before you come in just to make sure we have what you need in stock (and don’t worry, we can order what you need if we don’t carry it).

3. Unwashed hair holds curl better. If you plan on curling your hair, skip the conditioner to make curls last longer.

4. Buy a dry shampoo like Verb or Bedhead Dirty Secrets. This will help add volume and get rid of excess oils so you can curl that dirty hair without anyone knowing it’s…well…dirty.

5. Get some texture into your hair with a mousse with some movement like Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse.

6. Redken Hot Sets is a heat protecting spray that does wonderful things with curls. We have it in the shop. You want it. Come get it. Trust us.

7. Make sure you’re using a curling iron with the proper sized barrel. If it’s too large, curls will be too loose. If it’s too small, you’ll be rocking the Shirley Temple look.

8. Start from the bottom and work to the top of your head, clipping aside the sections you’re not working with. This will make it much easier to get every piece of hair.

9. Finish with a strong hair spray to hold curl like Bedhead Hardhead or Redken Control Addict.

And there you have it! 9 tips to curly locks. But there’s also the option of calling 368-7402 and having us handle it for you ;)

Have you been noticing more hair on the floor/in the sink/in your brush lately? Worried you’re going to lose all your hair and suddenly go bald?

Well, before you start freaking out, here are some facts you should know, about hair loss.

  • Everyone sheds between 40 and 150 strands of hair per day. (So, you’re probably totally normal.)
  • If you’ve been crash dieting, you might experience temporary hair loss. (So, eat something.)
  • 40% of women experience female pattern hair loss by the time they go through menopause.
  • Half of men experience male pattern hair loss by the age of 50.
  • If you’re taking medication, that may explain why you’re losing your hair. (Many drugs cause hair loss.)
  • To be considered balding, you’d have to lose half your hair.
  • An imbalanced thyroid can cause your hair to fall out.
  • Iron deficiencies can cause hair loss.
  • African hair grows slowly and is more fragile than European hair.
  • It is normal to lose quite a bit of hair after giving birth.
  • Asians are less prone to balding than Africans and Europeans.
  • Know when hair grows fastest? During the summer, while you’re sleeping (another reason why new moms lose hair? lost sleep?), and between the ages of 16 to 24.
  • There is one permanent solution for hair loss: hair transplants.

If you have some concerns about hair loss, book an appointment to come in and see Julie. She will be able to help you with a style that will suit you best.


You think about whether it looks frizzy or fried, greasy or dry, but how much do you really think about that miracle that’s growing on top of your head?

It’s time to test your hair trivia!

Q. How many strands of hair does the average person have on his or her head?

A. We all have between 100,000 and 150,000 strands of hair (Redheads are on the low end of that scale, blonds are in the middle, and brunettes are at the top, having on average, the most hair).

Q. True or false: Healthy hair, when wet, can stretch to 30% its original length.

A. True! If your hair doesn’t stretch, it might be low in moisture. If it breaks when stretched, it might be low in moisture and protein. Talk to your stylist about the types of treatments you can use to gain more elasticity. (Trick: We carry Matrix Indian Amla Strengthening Oil which is fantastic for elasticity.)

Q. True or false: Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.

A. False! Fooled you! Hair is the second fastest growing tissue, right after bone marrow.

Q. What is hair made of?

A. This feels like something you should know, doesn’t it? Don’t feel bad. Most people have no idea that hair is made up of mostly keratin, a powerful protein.

Q. Why does your hair turn grey?

A. Because the pigment cells in that hair’s follicle isn’t working properly. This happens as a result of age or STRESS when the hair bulb slows down its melanin production.

Q. How many times can a hair follicle grow a new hair?

A. This may shock you, but each little follicle can make a brand new hair about 20 times during your lifetime!

Q. True or False: Your hair is dead.

A. Trick question. You have living and dead hair in your body. But the only hair that’s not dead is the part of the hair that’s still inside your scalp.

Q. How do you get rid of split ends?

A. By cutting them. You can’t repair them.

Q. How many years over his lifetime does the average man spend shaving?

A. Five months! (That means for us girls, it’s probably about 20 years. #sarcasm)

Q. Which hair colour is the rarest?

A. Natural red. Less than 4% of the world’s population has natural red hair.

Are you feeling enlightened?

Here are a few random facts for you to chew on (but don’t chew your hair, even though now you know it’s made up of protein):

  • Research shows that hair becomes drier with age.
  • 90% of right-handed people grow cowlicks in a clockwise direction
  • At any random time, 90% of the hair on a head is in a growing phase, while the other 10% is in a resting phase.

We know hair. Come see us at our new spot on Brackley Point Road or call for an appointment :902.368.7402

Summary: Charlottetown hair salon JC Styling has moved to a new location from the University Plaza, to 30 Brackley Point Road in Sherwood and is now offering Blow Dry Bar service.


(CHARLOTTETOWN PE) November 4, 2014 – Julie MacIsaac is the owner/operator of a buzzing styling salon in Charlottetown, JC Styling. In September, MacIsaac and her staff of seven packed up their salon on University Avenue and moved to a more intimate location in Sherwood, at 30 Brackley Point Road. From this location, JC Styling is offering a service unique to Prince Edward Island: a blow dry bar.

MacIsaac explains, “We’re offering what’s known in larger cities as a blow dry bar, every second Saturday evening, starting November 15. From 4pm–6pm, we have a staff member dedicated to the blow dryer! When a woman comes in, she gets shampooed and blown out into a style she can wear that night and into the weekend. No appointment necessary, but it will be first come, first serve, and it does not include cut or colour. Cost starts at $25.”

Services offered by JC Styling have not changed with this new move. The salon still offers a full range of hair styling services, spray tanning, regular stand-up tanning, ear and nose piercing, waxing, and esthetics services.

For more information, call the salon 902.368.7402. Like Facebook.com/JCStlingInc, follow @JC_Styling on Twitter or visit www.PEIHairSalon.com

We’re open for business at our new location in Sherwood, at 30 Brackley Point Road (across from Bun’s ’n Things, behind the Ellis Brothers’ Mall). Our number has stayed the same though (902.368.7402).

And on Friday, November 7 from 12-7, we’re going to celebrate our grand opening by hosting a Ladies Night!

It’s totally free to come check things out, or, if you want to try out the Steam Pod, the Ion Cleanse, or a spray tan, you can do so for just $10. We’ll be demoing lots of other services as well, so this would be a great time to try on a hair extension or to get your bangs trimmed!

Of course, we’re going to have some great specials going on that day…

Grand Opening Specials

  • Redken Bedhead and Total Results Matrix Shampoo/Conditioner packs on for $20
  • Hempz lotions on for $15 plus tax
  • Tanning lotions on sale

Tanning Specials

  • 5 tans $15
  • 10 tans $25
  • 20 tans $35
  • 5 spray tans for $65, regular $90

We’re also giving away prizes!

Win gift certificates, a basket of hair goodies, and more!

Also, one lucky lady will win a full, head-to-toe makeover including hair cut, foils, hair style, make up application, and pedicure!

Hope to see you ladies on November 7! Click here for more details.


What a great time to convince you to visit the shop to get your tan. Because let’s face it. The summer is going to come to an end. Soon.

We have a great safe tanning option at the shop and when we move over to our new location at 36 Brackley Point Road on September 15, we’ll still be offering this sun-free tanning option.

The spray tan we use is vegetable based and it will not make you turn orange. We also spray you manually, so you don’t leave looking streaky. (What happened to Ross on Friends won’t happen to you).

We’ve been offering our spray tans this month  (regularly $30) for just $20, and we’ve decided to extend this special promotion for the month of September as well! Woot!

Some things to keep in mind when you come in for a spray tan:

  • Exfoliate well the night before you come in
  • Come to the shop without any makeup or lotion applied on your body
  • The process takes 20-30 minutes
  • You’ll have to wait for 7 hours to wash yourself after you’re sprayed
  • Use light body wash and a soft cloth in the shower after you’re sprayed
  • Moisturize twice daily for the weeks following your spray tan in order to keep the colour locked in for up to 7 days

See? Who needs the sun? Actually, we do. We really need you, summer sun! Please stay as long as possible :)

Moroccan oil in charlottetown

Save 25%! Stock up now!

Our location here in the University Plaza has served us well for the past three years. We’ve been able to build up our steady clientele, thanks in part to the drop-in traffic we’ve gotten from folks who work and shop around this part of Charlottetown. And we are grateful for your business.

But, if we’re being completely honest (which we are), our location has never really felt right. I’ve always envisioned a more intimate space with tons of ambiance, soft lighting, and muted colours—the perfect environment for relaxing and feeling beautiful.

We’ve been doing our best to decorate the salon and make it our own, but I’ve never really “felt” it, if that makes sense.

Anyway, as it happens, we were able to get out of that lease a bit sooner than we’d expected. As in . . . basically, now!

On September 15, we’re moving to 36 Brackley Point Road

To celebrate, we’re having a few moving specials at the salon. From now until we close up shop here on University Ave, save 25% on all retail purchases in store! When you spend $50 or more, you’ll earn a ballot to win one of the following prizes:

  • Facial waxing
  • Hair colour (value of $85)
  • Pedicure
  • Spray tan
  • Ear piercing
  • 5 tanning sessions
  • Shampoo/cut/blow dry
  • $10 gift certificate
  • $20 gift certificate
  • $30 gift certificate

We’ll give one of those prizes away for each of the 10 days leading up to our big move.

Save the date now for November 7th when we’ll host our big GRAND OPENING! More details to follow!

Hair feeling a little limp and dull? Sick of hiding under a ball cap cause you can’t squeeze in washing your hair around your summer activities?

Enter Dust It!

OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder is simply amazing. We consider this product a must-have in your beauty toolkit.

Now, what is so fabulous about Dust It?

  • It absorbs oils produced during your workouts (if you don’t have time to wash your hair after the gym)
  • It gives you an extra day between washings
  • An application (either wet or dry) will give your hair incredible volume
  • Dust It does not bother most people sensitive to scents
  • Using Dust It on rainy days helps to prevent your hair from getting out of control
  • It creates awesome volume for up-dos (brides love Dust It)
  • Dust It is lightweight and works all day long to keep your style in shape

We know you’ll love Dust It as much as we do. Stop by the shop at the University Plaza for your Dust It today!

Image: momgenerations.com

I was watching an interview on TV the other day. The woman being interviewed was a highly educated woman with a great message. She was sharing important information—or at least I think she was. I was having a hard time paying attention to what she was saying because she had 3 inches of white/gray roots on the top of her head. The rest of her hair was cut in a 5 inch black bob.

It’s too bad this woman couldn’t find the time to go and get her roots touched up, especially since the contrast was so dramatic.

Not only do those roots make a person look unkept, but it so distracting! Nobody is getting what the woman is saying because they’re concentrating on the extreme root situation happening on her head. What kind of message does it send that she can’t find the time to keep her hair schedule under control?

If you’re going to take on the responsibility of colouring your hair, you need to keep it up. Otherwise, don’t bother.

But, hey, I know we don’t all have the time or cash to run to the salon for root touch-ups every 6 weeks. That’s okay! You can still have colour AND no show your roots.

  • Consider a semi-permanent. At least that’s going to fade without leaving you with a big old fat stripe on the top of your head.
  • Another trick would be to use foils of one or more colour so you have no big, thick line. This also gets you more time out of your color, and it’s changeable with the seasons and your skin tone.

If you’re ready to let your hair grow out in its natural colour, that’s great. But please, for the love of God, come in and let me help you so that you can do it gracefully.

End Rant.

Problem hair? Let us know!

We do our part here at the salon to make you look as gorgeous as possible, but sometimes, guys, you need to help us out a little.

There are a few general tips we want to share with you so that you can  avoid disappointment by (a) getting in when you want to get in, and (b) getting a haircut you’re happy with.

So, here we go:

1. Rebook onsite. If you know you need a trim or new colour every six weeks, book your next visit  when you’re leaving your appointment. (And appointments are not set in stone, they can be moved if something comes up! )

2. Book early. If you need to get in for a cut or colour, book your appointment a week in advance so that we can be sure to get you in. You can request that we call you with a reminder the day before your appointment if needed!

3. Plan for events. For things like prom, weddings, anniversaries . . . anything you have on your yearly calendar that you want to come in for, book them as soon as you find out about them. It’s a lot easier to cancel than to have us try and move Heaven and Earth to squeeze you in. Bonus tip: For these important events, book two appointments. That way if you can’t make one, you can get the other.

4. Give us a “heads” up. If you’re a new client, let us know on the phone at the time you book if you have very thick, long hair (lucky you!) or if your hair tends to be colour-stubborn. This will let your hair stylist know how much time she needs to allot for your appointment. You should also let us know if you’re making a major change to your hair so we can be prepared for that as well.

5. Be clear. We can not read minds. Be very clear with your stylist about what you want. Do you want roots covered, all-over highlights, a streak of colour, etcetera. Don’t make us try to guess! We love when a client brings us a photo of what they want done.

6. Reveal the source. If you have box colour on your hair, tell your stylist. She needs to know what she’s working with.

There. That’s it. Now, our number is 368-7402, so why not schedule your appointment now while all of this advice is nice and fresh. We’re currently booking for the end of next week! :)